World Trade Rules

This agreement governs the relationship between the Operator of the Innadril resource and You, a lawful user (the person who has agreed to the terms, hereinafter referred to as the "User"), and it contains standards for managing the service and actions taken in case of violations of the Terms of Use of the World Trade Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Restrictions"), as well as other matters related to the terms of granting the right to access the World Trade. World Trade is an in-game mechanism for item exchange and trading of resources between players (hereinafter referred to as the "World Trade"). By using the World Trade within the game, you automatically accept these rules for using the service. The Operator reserves the right to make changes to this Agreement without prior notice to Users. Users are required to regularly check for updates to the Agreement. In case of a violation of any rule, restrictions may be applied to the player, up to the confiscation of items/balance and blocking access to the World Trade.

1. General Provisions

1.1 The Operator reserves the right to impose restrictions on the User based on the specific violation, taking into account the degree of the violation and the circumstances related to it. These restrictions are determined in accordance with section 2 of the Restrictions Policy and may include other measures not specified in this agreement, if deemed necessary by the Operator.

1.2 The Operator has the right to analyze user behavior and apply measures in cases not described in these rules if deemed necessary.

1.3 Sanctions for rule violations apply to all of the player's accounts, including those where a unique violator identifier is present (this means that restrictions can be imposed on all characters that the violator has ever accessed).

1.4 To contact the Operator regarding issues related to the World Trade, the User can reach out to user support.

1.5 Attempting to violate the rules may be treated as an actual violation.

1.6 Lack of knowledge or understanding of the rules is not a valid reason for exemption from liability for their violation.

1.7 This agreement applies to all aspects of the World Trade functionality, including both real-money transactions (RMT) and in-game operations.

2. Restrictions Policy

2.1. By using World Trade, the User is not allowed to:

2.1 1. Publicly announce or discuss their in-game items or goods on the forum or other project-related information resources, except for the World Trade.

2.1.2 Promise in-game bonuses in exchange for purchasing a User's item or lot through the World Trade interface.

2.1.3 Register items for buying or selling in the World Trade interface at knowingly incorrect prices.

2.1.4 Post outdated/irrelevant items in the World Trade interface to overload it with listings.

2.1.5 Transfer balance between master accounts through lots registered in the World Trade interface with intentionally low or high prices.

2.1.6 Any action or intentional attempt that may create potential harm to the server's economy is considered a violation and subject to sanctions. These actions include but are not limited to: illegal transactions, price manipulation, unfair trading, creating inflation, artificially decreasing the value of currency or items, as well as measures aimed at limiting other players' access to resources, items, or services, creating unfair competitive advantages, or other actions that may negatively affect the economic stability of the game world.

2.1.7 Managing trade operations using multiple computers to simultaneously run multiple characters, giving an advantage over other users.

2.1.8 Any real-money trading (RMT) outside of the World Trade is prohibited. RMT includes acts of directly or indirectly transferring, providing, or delegating in-game data or in-game activity for compensation (which includes currency, goods, property, currency available beyond our services, character(s), item(s), data, information, etc.) or assisting in this type of behavior. If RMT activity is confirmed, the user's account will be subject to restrictions.

2.1.9 Fraud or any attempts to deceive other players are strictly prohibited and will be subject to immediate sanctions. This includes but is not limited to trade fraud, unfair exchanges, fake offers, and any actions aimed at causing harm to other users.

2.1.10 Creating, using, or conducting transactions with any in-game items created or duplicated through the use of design flaws, undocumented issues, or software errors in the World Trade interface, including those resulting in the disruption of the game's economy.

2.1.11 Using abnormal transactions - any repetitive actions involving the abnormal movement of in-game valuables between accounts through the World Trade interface. Gaining an advantage or causing harm to other Users through World Trade price manipulation, repeated max/min price transactions, intentional bulk item buying/selling, abnormal purchase of a large quantity of items, and similar activities. If the volume of moved valuables significantly damages the game, restrictions may be imposed on a permanent basis, even for the first violation.

2.1.12 Directing the gameplay solely towards obtaining financial gain through the extraction of in-game assets with subsequent sales within the framework of the World Trade. The administration reserves the right for indefinite blocking of game accounts and denial of access to the World Trade.

2.2 Possible Restrictions:

When certain actions described in section 2 of the Restriction Policy are detected, the User who committed the action may be held accountable in accordance with the agreement, and the Operator may impose strict restrictions and sanctions on the account.

Depending on the severity of the violation, the User may be subject to any of the restrictions listed in this section. The list of restrictions presented below includes the listed options but is not limited to them.

Even if multiple Users violate the same provision, the Operator independently determines the restrictions in the form of any of the limitations specified in this section.

2.2.1 “Black Mark” status - indefinitely. “Black Mark” status means that after obtaining citizenship status, the character will not be able to transfer their items.

2.2.2 Permanent blocking of the User's game account or accounts, confiscation of received in-game valuables and/or advantages.

2.2.3 Blocking of the User's account or accounts (Master Accounts).

2.2.4 A complete ban on cashing out the World Trade balance and canceling current withdrawal requests.

2.2.5 Full or partial confiscation of the World Trade balance.

3. Disclaimer:

3.1 If a User mistakenly lists the wrong item for sale/purchase or provides incorrect pricing/quantity, the transaction is considered completed and cannot be annulled.

3.2 Funds transferred from the World Trade Balance to the Personal Account Balance are not available for withdrawal to a bank account or for return to the World Trade Balance. However, they can be used for purchasing goods within the User's personal account.

3.3 The Operator is not responsible for potential losses incurred by the player if official information regarding changes in the operation of the World Trade has been published, but the User failed to review it.

3.4 The Operator is not liable for potential losses incurred by the User in situations, including but not limited to: inattention, lack of information, fraud, and similar circumstances.

3.5 The Оperator is not responsible for any trading operations conducted outside the World Trade system or other services of the Оperator.

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