4.2 User Obligations

Complying with the terms of this agreement, the User is obliged:

  • Provide reliable information when registering on the Site.

  • The User shall be responsible for ensuring non-disclosure (confidentiality) of the data stored in his / her account, his / her login and passwords and bear liability for any failure to keep confidential and disclose in any way his / her account data.

  • If necessary, at the request of the Operator, provide confirmation of their personal data indicated on the Site at the time of registration.

  • Follow the Operator's instructions within this Portal.

  • User's Responsibility to Review Changes

    • The User undertakes to independently review regularly any modifications made to this User Agreement, as well as to any other documents and resources provided by the Operator.

    • For the purposes of Section, the User agrees to regularly visit the website (or any other resource) provided by the Operator to familiarize themselves with any changes, updates, or additions to this User Agreement.

    • If the User disagrees with the introduced changes, they agree to cease using the Operator's resources. Continued use of the resources after the changes take effect signifies acceptance of those changes.

    • The Operator is not liable for the User's lack of awareness of introduced changes if the User fails to fulfill their responsibility to review them in accordance with this Section of the User Agreement.

  • Do not violate the rights of author and intellectual property of the Operator, located on its Portal.

  • Comply with all conditions of this Agreement without limitations.

  • The User undertakes to use the Portal exclusively for entertainment purposes, without pursuing any gain from the Portal.

  • The user is obliged to read and understand this User agreement. The operator is not obligated to provide assistance in the event of problems and damage caused by non-compliance with the User Agreement.

  • The user is required to report to the Operator any system errors in the game or vulnerabilities discovered during the use of the service, etc. The user should not abuse or disclose them to other users. If, after discovering system errors and other issues, the user does not report them to the Operator and uses them to gain an advantage, these actions will be considered as causing harm to other users. In accordance with the Terms of Use of the gaming service and the User Agreement, measures may be taken to restrict access to the use of the service.

  • Take responsibility for any use of your Account Balance in the account management panel. You are solely responsible for verifying that the appropriate amount of Account Balance has been added or deducted from your Account. You can view your Account Balance on the account management page.

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