4.6 Limitation of liability of the Operator

In accordance with this section, the Operator is not responsible for:

  • Any damage caused or which can only be caused to the personal data and computer of the User related with the use of the Portal and the Site.

  • Losses (direct / indirect) caused to the User related to the use or inaccessibility of the Portal (inability to use it), the behavior of third parties on the Portal, as well as other participants in the Portal’s projects, unauthorized access to the User’s personal data.

  • Speech, disseminated information, User’s statements and other unlawful acts carried out by him on the Portal and beyond.

  • The information specified by the User at registration, the lost possibility of access to the Portal (login, password, etc.).

  • The User’s loss of acquired virtual values, as a result of the provision of Services and Additional Paid Services by the Operator.

  • Payment by the User of Additional Paid Services and related expenses.

  • Continuous and trouble-free work of the Portal.

  • Possibilities of the User, related with Internet connection, data transmission speed.

  • Any indirect, incidental, unforeseen, or consequential losses, as well as losses in the form of business interruption, lost profits, loss of revenue, income, anticipated savings, or data loss, regardless of the cause of their occurrence. The Operator shall not be liable for losses resulting from purchases made in accordance with the User Agreement, your negligence, or events beyond our reasonable control.

  • Any use of the Resource by you that is not permitted by us in accordance with this User Agreement.

  • Any lack of functionality or incompatibility when the equipment, device, operating system, or internet connection chosen by you does not meet the specific established requirements

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