4.8 Account Penalty Policy

In the event of confirmation of prohibited behavior of the Operator User Agreement, a penalty appropriate to the violation will be issued to the User account.

  • Types of penalty

There are four levels of penalty in ascending order of severity: "Warning," "Temporary Account Suspension (3 Days)," "Temporary Account Suspension (10 Days)," and "Definitive Account Suspension."

  1. Warning: is the least severe penalty and is issued when a minor violation is confirmed. Depending on the nature of the violation, the Operator will provide an "instruction for improvement" providing the player with guidance on how to improve their behavior to prevent further violations of this type in the future. Please follow any instructions to prevent further account actions in the future.

  2. Temporary Account Suspension: it is a penalty issued when a serious violation is confirmed. When a Temporary Account Suspension penalty is issued, the user will not be able to play on the Operator’s Portal during the applicable suspension period. There are two types of Temporary Service Account Suspension: 3 Days and 10 Days. The duration of the suspension period is determined according to the severity of the violation, combined with the player's record of past violations. Even if a Warning was not issued in respect of past behavior, a temporary suspension may be imposed depending on the nature of the violation. When a temporary suspension penalty is issued, the suspension will take effect immediately, but the suspension period will be counted from 18.00 UTC+0 (Server Time) the following day. The Operator will not be held responsible for the reduction of in game availability resulting from the suspension.

  3. Definitive Account Suspension: it can be issued on a User account in the event of a severe violation being confirmed or repeated violations. A Definitive Account Suspension will permanently remove your access to the Operator Portal and services. In addition, any other User service accounts associated with the Operator Portal will also be terminated. The Operator will not be held responsible for any refunds due to the inability to play the game.

  • Review process for service account termination

If an account suspension penalty is issued, a review will always be carried out to determine whether an account termination should be applied. As well as being a penalty for a violation, the temporary suspension period is also the period during which this review will take place. Depending on the nature of the violation, the review process for permanent suspension may not be completed during the temporary suspension period. In this case, the temporary suspension period will be extended until the review is completed. Operator will not be held responsible for any refunds due to the inability to play the game.

  • Penalty Points

Penalty Points refer to specific point values that are assigned to each type of violation category (i.e., "obscene/indecent expressions," "aggressive expressions such as violent language/slander/insults/threats, etc.") and vary depending on the severity of the violation type. The total sum of these Penalty Points determines the type of penalty an offender will receive. Penalty Points, together with the actual penalty issued, are recorded and will be used to determine the penalties issued for any future violations.

The Operator will not disclose details on specific criteria that determine the severity and corresponding Penalty Points of a violation, or how many points individual penalties are worth.

  • Accumulation of Penalties

All penalties and Penalty Points are recorded and accumulated. As such, in the event a user repeats violations, new Penalty Points will be added, and then a penalty for the new verified violation will be issued based on those points. It is possible that a Warning penalty is issued if the previously recorded violation was equivalent to Warning. However, if the previously recorded violation was a Temporary Account Suspension, then a heavier penalty will be imposed even if the new violation is equivalent to a Warning. However, accrued Penalty Points may be reduced based on the number of days that have passed since the previous penalty. Please refer to the next section for details.

  • Reduction of Penalty Points

If a significant amount of time has passed since the last penalty was issued, then accrued Penalty Points may be reduced based on the content of the previous penalty and the actual number of days that have passed. This does not mean that Penalty Points will suddenly reset to 0 points after a certain number of days. Instead, points will decay in proportion to the number of days elapsed. If the previously issued penalty was a Warning, accrued Penalty Points will continue to decay until it reaches 0 points in a one-to-two-year period. However, if the previously issued penalty was a Temporary Account Suspension, then the accrued points will not start decaying until a minimum of a three to six-year period has passed and will not reach 0 points for a minimum of seven to ten years.

If a new violation is confirmed after the points reduction, the Penalty Points from the new violation will be added to the remaining points from the reduction to determine the penalty to issue for the new violation.

The reduction of accrued points is based on the amount of time that has passed since the last penalty. Therefore, if a subsequent violation is committed before a reduction occurs, then the countdown towards a reduction will reset at that point. In addition, this system will not reverse a Service Account Termination.

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