4.4 Operator Rights

This Agreement gives to Operator the following Rights:

  • At any time, at its discretion, unilaterally without prior notice to Users, expand, modify, terminate, restrict the provision of the Services, as well as the Additional Paid Services.

  • Manage all processes on the Portal only at their own discretion. Suspend, change the course of any processes without notifying the User in advance.

  • Apply penalties to the User in case of violation of this Agreement.

  • Delete / modify the User information posted on the Portals.

  • To monitor, store identification and statistical information about the User.

  • To send to the Users technical, advertising and other information concerning the Portal, Services and Paid Services.

  • Inform, warn, make observations, notify the User in case of non-observance / violation of the terms of this Agreement. All instructions of the Operator must be strictly adhered to.

  • Take legal measures to protect their intellectual, copyright property.

  • Modify, change, supplement the Portal on your own, without warning the User in advance.

  • Inaction of the Operator for violation of this Agreement by the User does not exclude the use of penalties for them later.

  • Performing temporary technical maintenance, fixing errors, making technical adjustments, and implementing improvements; balancing, enhancing, updating, or extending the Game;

    • Hereby, you consent to the deployment and application of such fixes, updates, and modifications, as well as that we may update the Resource remotely without prior notice.

    • You understand that additional storage space may be required for the installation of Fixes and Updates.

    • You understand that if you do not install the Fixes and Updates following the instructions provided by us, you may lose access to all or some of the resources provided by the Operator, and we are not responsible for any malfunctions or errors in the operation of Operator's resources caused by your failure to install the Fixes and Updates.

Hereby, you agree that the Operator's resource will suffer irreparable damage if the terms of this User Agreement are not specifically complied with and ensured, and therefore, you agree that we shall have the right, without posting a bond, other security, or proof of damage, to the corresponding fair remedies of the Operator's resource in case of a breach of the User Agreement.

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